I am hanging out with bunch of 20 somethings nowdays and let me tell you, it ain’t easy…I need a break !!!

Well I cannot believe how one decade between us can bring in so much of difference in perspective, approach, priorities in life and ‘life in general’ …it was just some handful of years back that I was 20 something too…how is it that the moment you cross the line of 30 everything changes?

 20 somethings of today are surely handful and much more. I don’t know how to place them, they surely have some things going for them, they are totally sharper than what we were at their age, they are generally more aware, smarter, and “get its”… I totally love the brains that they grow up with, then what am I cribbing about…?

Am not cribbing, I am astonished by how just a few years of difference brings in so much of change…today, I need to know end of the day what I am doing with my evenings, weekend what movies to go for, where do I vacation this summer…and in general, after a long day of work I want to come back home, to my TV, my book or just home, where I belong…. I want to lead a settled life of “knowing” , unlike the adhoc life the 20 somethings, the flickering indecisive minds, not knowing which coffee to order, which movie to go for, to go or not, where to party, where to hang out, their lives are hung between “this or that”, “yes or no”, “shall we or shall we not”…how different it is when you step into the golden era 30’s, I think as you grow time becomes so precious that you do not want to waste any energy into “to be or not to be” you just go for it and do it…(have no time to waste…after all we have a decade short as you see 🙂 )

While these kids are leading their carefree, unplanned and fun filled life, they sometimes don’t see how they end up walking all over others, they are so blindly running into the wild that they lead, they at times end up hurting ‘we’ the elder lot, as we don’t know their ways of functioning too well…

I should not forget that I was 20 something just a few years back, and led somewhat a similar life as this young bunch (hope never hurt anyone though)…hence I think we should just let these kids be, lets get aside to let them do what they want and lead their lives the way they do…as they know no other way, they will see the world our way only when they come this side of the fence…but by then we would have crossed another one …ha !!! I wonder how this gap bridges? Or does it ever?

One thought on “20 somethings of today, handful…and much more

  1. Very well said and written. I guess we need people older as well as younger than us to make us see a different prespective to life. I know i surely learnt something today. And if at the end we learn and grow and come closer to understanding each other and closing down that bridge, then i say BRING IT ON !!

    And im sorry %-(…..(PuppyFace)

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