Are you willing to do your bit for the nation? Are you willing to join Army/Defence Forces?

I had been to Town yesterday (area of the Mumbai attacks), had to be there, to see where our soldiers spent 4 sleepless nights fighting for our safety. I had to be there, as I saw in each one of them, my brother, who was once in Indian Army and sacrificed his life for his country. I had to be there, as I am not in forces and want to salute those who are.

There was a candle march, where 100’s of young kids with their parents were shouting slogans asking for better political machinery, thanking our forces, and asking for localized NSG unit. I am with them in all this…completely, But….

…But I want to ask each one who was there on the streets asking for justice, that while they are asking the govt to do their bit right, are they willing to do their bit for the nation?

I want to ask all those young boys who were walking asking for the nation to come together, will they leave the comfort of their father’s house and be willing to join the Army? I want to ask every parent on the street yesterday, if they will encourage their son in school today to try for NDA? and if need be lay down their lives for the sake of nation. I want to ask all those who are about to start their career, will they want to write the CDS exams and fight for our nation instead of dropping idea to join IIM and have a fancy corporate job? I want to ask all those unmarried girls there, if they were willing to give up the comfort of their plush homes in south Bombay and get settled with an Army officer, and move city to city every 3-4 years with a new posting? I want to ask all those who seek defence protection, if they are ready to be part of defence, and fill in the increasing shortfall of manpower in the Army / Defence Forces?

It is one thing demanding for army to be based next to you, to guard you 24/7 just because you pay taxes too, and it is another thing, to have courage to be part of it, by sending your Son / Brother /Husband / Father to guard the border, when you know that one bullet can change your lives for ever.

I want to ask, are you willing to do your bit for the country? Are you willing to join the Armed Forces?