Love Hurts !

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Loving you is beautiful
It makes the life so full
When it goes deep in the gut
Then comes a point
When it starts to hurt

Love is a feeling so pure
It knows nothing but to give
Sometimes it goes amiss Read more

Moving On

Life is all about moving on. We do it all the time, mostly unknowingly and at times deliberately. 

We first get introduced to the concept of moving on, even before our memory storage gets activated. It’s when we move on from wearing nappies to big people underpants or from sipper to spoons. We slowly but very naturally transition from being kids and step into adulthood. We move on from our barbies to stilettos or lego houses to cricket bats or soccer balls. We move forward from kinder garden to high school, to college to work and then into marriage and ‘move on’ to become parents. It is such a natural phenomenon, as if we humans are simply made for ‘moving on.’ Read more