Boycotting China – Being Patriotic in your own way

Not all can fight the military war, hence they do what they can in their own way.

Boycott China – this is the song our nation is singing today. The emotion has many  colors, it’s flowing in varied shapes and sizes, but the source is always the same – patriotism ! 

I am a fauji’s daughter, a fauji’s grand daughter, a fauji’s niece and a fauji’s sister…patriotism is in my blood, I take it for granted, believing that everybody is born with it. 

You know what? I am not wrong. Today, the nation has proven me right by joining hands in a common movement against China. Who called for it? No one – but the common man. 

I am not here to say what is right or wrong, I am not equipped to talk politics or military…I only talk something that I know to talk – the voice of my heart. And it talks for my country !  Read more