Men too are from Venus, but after marriage they move to Mars… Am sure all the husbands have heard their wives going endlessly on complaints like “you are not the same”, “you do not do the same stuff “, “you do not care the same”, ” things are not the same” ,”you have changed”… Whom do you blame? The Venus or the Mars? Well in my mind none… like I said, even men are from Venus, but after marriage they move to Mars. Let me describe it, before marriage everything in the relationship, like talks, calls, emails, sex all are like a new book – right out of store. The well bound book, nicely gift wrapped, and a note of love…perhaps along with a rose…how wonderful is this feeling…(you are living in Venus) You take a peek into the note which brings a smile on the face, you unwrap it (may be save the wrapper) and open the book with care, read the title and read the summary behind. The pages smell nice of fresh print, while reading you turn the pages delicately, and at bedtime you shut it with leaf or a flower as a book mark. While sleeping you re-live its content in your mind, you sleep off thinking about it …Yes this is the story of how it happens in Venus…when both the guy and the girl are living in the same street as neighbours.

Post marriage … The same book sits on the bookrack for years,covered with dust, hardly noticed, it may get picked up for a quick read or reference when free, you dust it lightly and find out that the cover is missing, you turn to the back for the summary and it is half torn, not sure if rats have eaten it or kid played with it, well, you sit to read and when the interest is building up, you are suddenly lost, coz you just jumped from page 23 to 37, not sure if the missing pages were ever a part of the book, with the guess work you understand the flow and move on, and before you can finish it, you run out of your free time and rush out, keeping it back where it was, till you pick it again… Now you know his address has changed… Welcome to Mars.

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