when i want to watch a nice movie and don’t want it wrong…i pick up ‘love actually’ and watch…it never goes wrong 🙂

makes me feel beautiful, leaves a feeling that the world is such a beautiful place, full of love and joy. i want to hug any and everyone i know and meet, feel like pick my phone and call all friends and tell them how much i love them (next time u get a call from me…you know why and how), makes me wanna love people around, give them joy, make them feel that they are cared… it is so full of love…in all forms…

the movie makes me fall in love – with love itself…

4 thoughts on “always makes me fall in love

  1. Hmmmm I watched some bits of love actually a long time ago and honestly didn’t like it. I guess it’s cause thats just not my genre of what I enjoy in movies.

    My most likable ‘romantic movie’ (though I think it might be categorized as romantic comedy) is Just Like Heaven. I watch it every time I happen to catch it on TV 🙂

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