Not all can fight the military war, hence they do what they can in their own way.

Boycott China – this is the song our nation is singing today. The emotion has many  colors, it’s flowing in varied shapes and sizes, but the source is always the same – patriotism ! 

I am a fauji’s daughter, a fauji’s grand daughter, a fauji’s niece and a fauji’s sister…patriotism is in my blood, I take it for granted, believing that everybody is born with it. 

You know what? I am not wrong. Today, the nation has proven me right by joining hands in a common movement against China. Who called for it? No one – but the common man. 

I am not here to say what is right or wrong, I am not equipped to talk politics or military…I only talk something that I know to talk – the voice of my heart. And it talks for my country ! 

My heart moves when it sees my nation come together as one, when everyone is seen doing their small bit. My heart moves when…

> A common man burns in fury : Turn on the TV screens, you will see people asking to forgo all chinese products. Why? Because they saw their countrymen, their soldiers, their heroes do what they do the best – fight for us – the country. Their hearts bleed as much as mine does. I swell with pride when a common man demonstrates love for our country – the way they depict is not important, what is important that their love shows and it is showing. 

> Give up everything chinese ? Money has no color. This was said by someone who was questioned about the Chinese investments in Indian startups. He said why stop the money, it has no color. What he meant was – be smart about  things, use their money to grow our country, why refuse our progress… this was his way to love the country and be ‘selfishly’ patriotic about it. 

>Withdrawing investments and partnerships : Small trader or a big one, government tender or a private investment, everyone is talking about pulling their hands from a Chinese deal. They offer their share to the country in their own way by cutting ties of their business.  

> A kid, (my nephew) does his small bit too : Well, it was this act of my  nephew which inspired me to write this post. 

A 15 year old boy, who loved PUBG, deleted it from his phone saying ‘It is a chinese product and I won’t use anything chinese.’ One could say, the fact that his father is an army officer, as were his grandfather and great grandfather, which perhaps brought about the feeling of patriotism in him. I would say, today the kids have a mind of their own – which they speak. Without getting into the technicalities of Tencent investment or if PUBG is a chinese product or not, let’s halt for a moment and salute the kid who made the sacrifice that he could for his  nation – by throwing away the thing he loved – for the sake of his country. At the age of 15 he stands for his country. Dhruv, you make me proud – I salute you !  


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