Like a twinkle in your eye, these drops falling from the sky…
At times hiding and shy, then tapping, dancing and high…
…Yes drops falling from the sky, like a twinkle in your eye…

I live like there is no tomorrow.
I love like there is no room for sorrow.
I wanna end when no more dreams I need to borrow.


Don’t take me down I’m just a courier
Oh had more news for you to deliver

But Alas !!! you shot down the messenger

One day looking back you will ask
finding the missing spots in the past
why did I let go those who cared, and knew would last…

Anywhere I look is where I see you.
But gone are you is what they say.
Could I be dreaming with eyes open, in broad lit day?

Broken promise, soul in pain.
Wounded heart, shattered dream.
Will I ever love again?

First drop of rain.
I feel like a teenager.
In love once again.