Love Hurts !

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Loving you is beautiful
It makes the life so full
When it goes deep in the gut
Then comes a point
When it starts to hurt

Love is a feeling so pure
It knows nothing but to give
Sometimes it goes amiss Read more


Scarred forehead and marks on face
Is honour of battle, received in grace

Judge me not by the wounds that show
Heal they would but mighty slow

I’ve more to self than what you see
A heart of gold, larger than thee

Uncover my skin, beyond the blood
Warrior’s soul is inside this hood

Judge me not by mere look of mine
Coz in battle of life, I shall shine

heaven will be my address again

i have felt like this before
not now, but long ago
when sitting alone how time flies
and then i taste drops falling from my eyes

i hate the world around
selfishness in them shine
all what they know to say is
I, me and mine

i have never missed u more
even when we were far
when distances were longer
and uncertainty kept us apart

i long to see u again
i long to touch u too
i long to kiss u now
i long u to hold me soon

i long for ur arms around me
i long for ur voice in my ears
i long for ur love and care
i long for u to wipe these tears

i see u with my eyes closed
i refuse to open them again
lest i see the cruel world
which will give me back the pain

so i sit here thinking of u
waiting for the coming days
when into our lives love will come
entering making new ways

when, to love and be loved will be our task
making love and loving u is what I do
in ur arms i will be secure again
and yes all our dreams are sure to come true

i still feel the drops fall down
but don’t u worry for this shame
as i know when u are back with me
“heaven will be my address again…”

I love…

i care, you know
i share, you know
i ask, you know
i answer, you know
i think, you know
i speak, you know
i give, you know
i demand, you know
i love – do you know?