nothing but change all is
what I saw till now
me you and the world around
all does move – to changegot the clothes changed when small
that’s the only change then I had
better are those innocents
than the grown changing young lads

with new people around each day
failing to recognize them all
constantly moving into the crowd
I saw the faces around me change
Changed were the places
The looks and the faces
One moment there and the other gone
That’s how folks changed their friends around

They changed friends…..
But friend changed too…..
Today something and tomorrow not
Changing their words and the sorts

Change not only friends and the wives
But also morals, value and the highs
Change you do your love too
How you make all lies true

People came and went, but I stood and saw
Watching all come and go
One the place and next empty
I saw – all rounding me – Change

Changed were the people, scene and the place
Changed they did, their love, values and face
How innocent is that child
Who just got the clothe changed.

3 sep 97
10.55 PM


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