i wanted to read and see what was the fuss was all about, actually loved it initially but after a point it became nothing else but a treasure hunt, and then i did not find any difference between the hunt of Holy Grail in Da Vinci and huruxes in Harry Potter. well i could not understand one thing…the whole story was about priory of sion holding the big secret of Jesus being a human- a mortal and married to Mary Magdalene who had a daughter called Sarah …which was covered up by the Church so that they can promote Jesus as Son of God and worship him…if this information was revealed it will shake to roots of Christianity…simple… not not as simple…if Priory could threaten the church to reveal the information of Jesus a man being worshiped…even they worshiped Mary Magdalene…so what if the church was originally was to be passed on to her…end of the day she was a human too…if they are saying that both Jesus and Mary were humans…why were they worshiping Mary…was their fight to get the world get to worshiping a human called Mary or stop the world from worshiping the human called Jesus??? I think that is a confused lot… well moving forward…to complete the process i even went ahead to see the move…well they now even changed to story…atleast keep the script same…i understand moderation to fit the motion picture screen play…but why was the ending changed? why were facts (the fictional facts) changed from book and the movie…. well well…

One thought on “Da Vinci – what’s the fuss?

  1. well, that’s what happens… The way I see it, the Catholic Church needed something ‘spectacular’ to gain more followers… they already had stolen aspects of many other religions in an attempt to do the same, and by that point had a handful of ‘holy men’ (which were also mere humans) that they encouraged their followers to worship. Why make yet another saint of a man when making him the immortal son of God would turn the heads of thousands more?

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