We live, not for long…

this is how the cycle goes… we are busy with friends, party and fun when young, before we start understanding life , we enter middle age with responsibilities, and while we are busy building security for our family we don’t even realize when the time to retire comes……in our last days we look back to see a series of pain and sacrifice we did willingly for family, friends, people around …..but what do we gain for our own self, for the inner self?

You try to make the most of the relationships , sometimes drag along with the one u know will crash in the end, some shining relations loose its charm with time, some go dry and some you loose. What do you gain …..?

‘Memories’……with the people you hold close to your heart, not the ones whom you share your lives with, these are the ones whom you share your memories with. It could be someone whom you met at a store, met during travel , for an hour or a day or few years…you connect with them from your heart …..these are the people who bring smile back on your face at the end of your journey, you not only fondly remember them but also wonder where they are and how things would be if you still knew them ………?

I am here talking to you, the one I knew for a while, the one whom i shared some memories with, for whom my heart calls for, my eyes long to see and the one I want to fondly remember in the final laps of my life, and I don’t want to think in regret as to where you are, I would rather think, how nice the journey had been together……and we have come a long way……

……lets not loose touch, for I want you to be looking down at me from next to my bed, holding my hand, whipping my tears and bidding me goodbye……I want you to be my friend for ever, you are one of those who bring smile to my face, so please – do not take my smile away…….

this post is written for a special friend – srishti sahi (now banerjee)

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