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Will Truman and Grace Adler (popularly known as Will and Grace) is a dream relationship for every girl. For them it cannot get better than this.

Why? Just think about it, your best friend, a succsessful and good looking guy , a live in relation (minus the sex), and all the care and love you can ask for.You do not have to worry about refilling milk in the fridge, or making breakfast in the morning, house will be clean, all the bills taken care of, if you have a bad day – you come back and cry on his shoulder, he feels happy for ur new relationships, and guess what he will also advice you on your make up and dresses…..best part is you know for sure that he will not hit on you…

The fact is some where in hearts of hearts we wish that he was straight and they both get together, after all who can be a better life partner than your best friend.

But why are girls scared to have the same relationship with a straight guy? Is it because she does not feel safe? Is sex such a big thing? Why feel scared and go look for a gay guy. What is it? It got to be sex, as apart from it, rest everything is same…you can get emotionally attached to gay friend as well, miss him when not there, feel cheated when he lies to you, are hurt when he does not do things right…it is absolutely a normal relationship, with happiness and sorrows and also fear of loosing one another, then why look for just a “Will” where you know rest all the insecurity of a relationship exist and only security (if you may call it) is – no sex…..

But I  tell you girls, do not be scared to have a non gay “Will” in your life, you may be missing out on a great relationship, may be a best friend, and if you do not mind (what the heck) sex too. Ofcourse, not all of them will end up in marriage….but will and grace never looked to get married either. Trust me it can work out with a straight guy also (with or without sex – as you may want it)

So go and have your “Will” in life, you can have it, only if you do not have the condition of him being gay …

3 thoughts on “Every girl wants a Will Truman in her life…

  1. lolso let me get this “straight” gals like gays? or gals hope gays can one day be straight well what do u know when i was reading ur post .. at the begining my exact reply was to get involved in a committment .. and u had the same thing at the bottom .. :).. nice goin

  2. hey shailen, so we feel the same 🙂why i wrote this is as girls are hypocrates wanting a secure relationship without taking risk, want a nice guy but “nothing else” kind of relationship, and in the fear they loose out on some great friends they can make with guys around, only if they stopped thinking “all that a guy wants from them is sex”…guys can mean friendship too…and they actually make great friends…

  3. Hi,I like it and I agree with you,its so true…and I feel men are better friends,this is my personal exprience.

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