pic courtesy freeimages.com
pic courtesy freeimages.com

it feels just like love
but it is not
it hurts just like love
as i miss u a lot
i long like one in love
wishing the distances were short
yes it feels just like love
but it is not

i wish we had stayed longer
i wish we had spoken some more
i wish we did not have to part ways
i wish we could be together for some more days

need to meet you again
need to talk just once more
to see that look in your eyes
that makes my heart swell to core

kill the distance that separates us
bridge the difference in what we speak
i know we connect beyond this life
our ties are not that weak

i dont know your name
i dont know where you belong
doesn’t matter if you married or not
still for you I sing this song

we shall meet again for sure
i shall meet your children too
i know i am not alone in this
and you too wish to see me soon

we are meant to meet again
it does sounds like a similar plot
yes…it feels just like love, i know
but let me tell you…that it is not…

4 thoughts on “feels just like love

  1. “it feels just like love, i know
    but let me tell you…that it is not… ” – Looks like, it is only feeling of 'just like love' … There is a concept of set and subset, it looks like 'love' is a subset of 'like love' or is it vice versa?

  2. Hi PK…hows u…yes m back after a loooong tym…cudnt resist the temptation of blogging.
    well back 2 u….
    Are these ur words?? Well written…to tell u my eyes got numb as i read it. By the way I too hav posted a poem on my blog.

  3. @ Bharat – i think it is vice versa…love being set and like love being subset…what do u think?

    @ Navrang – 🙂 yeah love is always in air…in words of hugh grant – love actaully – is everywhere…

    @ Pranav – yes these are my words 🙂 did not know that it could touch some one…thanks so much…u inspire me to write more 🙂 … now off to ur site to check out ur poem….

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