well, this is what came out when i was chatting with a friend after 6 years, we worked together…so much has happened since then in our respective lives, ups and downs, rather many ups and many downs…after chatting for a while she said
– “hey you have not changed a bit…please never change and just be what you are – just the same…”

i glanced back at the last 6 years … smiled – and also pleasantly surprised that all those years ‘actually’ did not impact me adversely

i said…

“if i haven’t changed yet … i will not change now…”

One thought on “if i haven’t changed yet … i will not change now…

  1. Dont know if this is good or bad – could be either or could be both I guess.I have changed tons in the last 6 years. Every major thing that has happened has changed me a lot. By major thing I mean finishing school, joining college, graduating, working etc.

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