It is not a defeat. Akhil Kumar despite loosing in the quarter finals has made India proud. He is the one who gave us hope and belief that we can and will win more medals, if not now, in future. He is the one who probably got attention of the viewers and sponsors to the non main sports in India. Very subtly sending the message out – saying, “we can do it ourselves, though it will help if the nation can stand by us”. Lets support him, as much at this time, as we would have done, had he got the medal home.

No it is not a defeat. For it is likes of him, that will get the sponsors to notice talent in India which is trying to come up and do something all by themselves, it is likes of him, who are pride of the country. We the country at this point need to stand and applaud for Akhil, for he has made the country proud – by giving us a hope, and making us believe.

4 thoughts on “In search of Gold !!!

  1. Yes he gave us hope…& winning 2 more medals after his defeat led us into breaking the myth that v cannot win at any Olypmic Events.3 cheers to our Athletes.

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