pic courtesy freeimages.com
pic courtesy freeimages.com

God why aren’t there more sunday’s
Why aren’t the days bit longer
Why are the boys not nice and sweet
So they grow of me much fonder

God make me strong and sharp
Smart and beautiful like a queen

All the Kings wanting to marry me
Lady like me, no one should have ever seen

God why can’t my prince love me?
The way I love him in my heart
Tell me where did I do wrong?
And did not play right, my part?

God, make my wishes come true
They aren’t many, only 6 in number
I send them everyday through angels
From the onset of last September

God why are you always hiding
when I call upon you every day
come down and answer all my questions
the ones I ask you daily when I pray

God you’ve been my friend for years
And I have been loyal have I not?
So please come down and help me now
By connecting all the missing dots

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