pic courtesy freeimages.com
pic courtesy freeimages.com


Loving you is beautiful
It makes the life so full
When it goes deep in the gut
Then comes a point
When it starts to hurt

Love is a feeling so pure
It knows nothing but to give
Sometimes it goes amiss
Then you feel the emptiness
And behind, the scar it leaves

Having you to love me
Is the purest form of worship
To which I surrender in all
With my head bowed for you
Sealing love inside it’s safe walls

Being in love with you
Is something more than a bliss
But I see many others in bow
Worshiping you same as me
To whom the mercy you bestow

Loving you broke me to pieces
For thy love was not for me alone
As many queued for your grace in line
And I foolish to believe
That it was all for me and mine

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