You call them Hero’s today when you see them on TV in blacks slithering down the chopper and fighting day and night for our sake.

I want to say that these guys are heroes every moment they live, and many die a life of Heros…but we never come to know…as they don’t do it in front of us not in front of TV.

War or no war, attacks or no attacks, they are heros every day, every moment they serve the country…

They choose to join forces knowing that they will not be living in the luxuries you and I might be living in. They, for one do not get the salaries and increments that the corporate provides. They move from one city to another 3 to 4 years with every posting. Most of the times with family and many times without family. Reasons, the posting area may be sensitive, and a non family station. The hardships of weathers, just about ok houses, ditto MES furniture in all houses. There are TD’s( Transfer duties) where our men have to go and be without family for months.

In name of kids education, there is a central school (KV) in every station, many times a hindi medium only. Wives of these men cannot pursue any career, as they have to pack their bags every 3 years and move to a new base. Hence if they happen to get posted to a big city, they start their kids schooling with the school they want to, but then they move on the next posting alone, leaving wife and kid behind for the sake of better education for the child.

And when the crises hit, they pack up for the border when the duty calls. They see their men fall with the bullet shot in front of their eyes, knowing that they could be the next. They also have to carry the news to the family’s of those who get killed in the war, to announce to their wives that her husband will not come back home, to the parents to the sisters, to the brothers, to the children…there are many kids, who are too young to remember their father when they loose them and grow looking at their pictures and listening to the story of their bravery.

These men are not only hero’s today when we see them fight, they are not only hero’s when they fight but we do not see, they are hero’s even when they are not at front, coz they live with their families a life of hardship and are prepared to take on the front when ever needed.

I have highest of regards for these men in uniform.

2 thoughts on “Men in Uniform – Hero’s not just today, but every day…

  1. Wow I said nearly the same thing in my previous comment but obviously you bring out A LOT more reasons why these guys are heroes everyday. I wasn’t even thinking about the whole family angle. I guess you have been there so you know better. It sounds like a really tough life.

  2. I know…when i saw your previous comment i was thinking…hope she reads my next post…which u did… :)… u know deepali you have echoed my thoughts so well…world is talking abt them now as they worked in filmi style and covered by media…but they do this every day..every day…and loose many lives, which go unnoticed, just become statistics. so many people die at front, and their name don’t come in papers…it comes back as numbers…statistics…

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