Life is all about moving on. We do it all the time, mostly unknowingly and at times deliberately. 

We first get introduced to the concept of moving on, even before our memory storage gets activated. It’s when we move on from wearing nappies to big people underpants or from sipper to spoons. We slowly but very naturally transition from being kids and step into adulthood. We move on from our barbies to stilettos or lego houses to cricket bats or soccer balls. We move forward from kinder garden to high school, to college to work and then into marriage and ‘move on’ to become parents. It is such a natural phenomenon, as if we humans are simply made for ‘moving on.’

But there are times when the moving on is deliberate, when one makes a conscious effort. Sometimes one has to do it against his own wishes – thats when it gets tough. 

It happens when life takes turns and we move away from those whom we don’t want to go away from, when we lose what we want to hold close to ourselves, when, even though our heart screams out loud – situation ruthlessly tears it apart – thats the kind of moving on which is not natural but still one has to go through. 

I made one such effort on a recent holiday to Goa. Yeah Goa… a place I am sure most of us have many fond memories of. That place for me holds memories of the friends I’ve loved the most. But as life has its own rules, some of them moved away and some out of my life – leaving their memories engraved in my heart, mind and soul. It were these  memories that I had to fight or say – ‘move on’ from during my holiday last week – as every street, every beach and every building there had a story to tell from my past. 

No! This moving on did not come naturally to me. For this, I had to make an effort and it was not easy. As, walking over the sand, looking at the dimming sky, passing through the familiar roads – all of it, made me live those moments again. Even though they are the most precious memories, but today, not having the ones I made those memories with around me – makes it painful. 

Like I had no choice but to grow out of the barbie and step into the stilettos, even today, whether I like it or not – I have no choice but to move on. 

Before I do so, I wanna thank my stars and destiny for making me live those moments …no matter how painful today, I know not many are blessed to come close to experience what I did…

Well – here I am, in effort to shut my heart…I gave it a genuine try – and I honestly hope, that like I did with the barbie doll, even with this – I succeed in ‘moving on.’

One thought on “Moving On

  1. Your trip to goa seems almost cathartic…moving on is one of the most difficult things to do if it isn’t voluntary/in the course of our transition from childhood to adulthood. It tears you from inside to let go…the poetic nature in which you’ve described your effort is simply beautiful

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