Holocaust = Layoff’s
Schindlers = Managers

In past few months I have seen and heard many horrid stories of layoff’s, the way it is done, methods used, reasons quoted, terms it is done on…

In the midst of this bloodbath we fail to notice the hidden Schindlers, who try saving as many jobs as they can, or jobs of specific few…what ever is in their power, they help or try to…

I have also seen few cases where one has volunteered to be laid off in turn to save someone’s else’s job who is in need…HATS OFF…

Every day I admire a manager who makes an endless attempt to save one more casualty…and I see such examples more than you may imagine.

This post of mine is dedicated to all those Schindlers who are fighting with all their might…to save just one more soul if they can !!!

Holocaust did not last for ever …nor will this…so lets keep our strength together and try to be a Schindler in what ever way we can… after all, after decades we still remember Schindler, as much as we do the said genocide.


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