Writing is my biggest stress buster, and I have no time to do the same. It is surprising that we work too hard to get a good life and live and do what we want to, and while working the way we do, it does not let us do exactly that …in my case…writing and music…

Though my absence was felt by some friends, I thank ‘cosmic, deepali and starkat’ to ask and be concerned about my long unexplained absence…

4 thoughts on “No time to bust stress

  1. welcome back.a friend of mine once told me something that sometimes helps me let go a little at work. she said ‘why are you so worried – work will still be there tom in the morning when you wake up. its not going anywhere’. now if it is too much to take, i worry about it some other day

  2. Just because you don’t post doesn’t mean anything is wrong anyways… I don’t get concerned when I see you online and you don’t reply to my greetings, ’cause I know you’re busy too.But I would get busy if you stop posting and never show up on messenger… then I’d feel like something is wrong…Even if you post a few words, it’s better… better for you (because you write) and for your friends (because you are keeping in touch with us)!

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