When I saw the song for the first time I was overly surprised and very amused. I am talking about the song from sanwariya where Kapoor Junior Junior is crossing the lines in the Men’s world of exposing…

I was laughing thinking “finally men realize that woman have adrenaline effect as well and here is one guy who is trying to seduce young girls into theatres by flashing the otherwise never visible skin” may be he is starting a trend of men exposing, and next you see men refusing movies for too much of skin show in films…funny…!!!

Well talking about the man in question here, Ranbir Kapoor, it totally reminds me of Brad Pitt in Troy flashing his butt, and here our Indian “butt man” with his teasers behind the towel and leg show…

Well I hope it did what he expected it to do to all the young girls out there – increase their adrenaline levels….

6 thoughts on “Our very own “Butt Man”

  1. Wow! I really like your posts. I would like to add that the sales for white towels in India zoomed after the movie releaed or maybe along with the movie teasers and one of them who contributed to the rising sales of towels was me 😉

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