ever wondered why a bengali is so close to his own culture as a marathi is to his own…or a tamilian or a gujrati…i never thought of it as much till a recent trip i had to chandigargh.

I went for an official trip to Chandigargh when I understood what the meaning of “roots” is…it is something magical…though i am born in dehradun…brought up in many cities (dad being in IAF had to move every 3 years) for work I lived in Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi and now Mumbai….I practically have no identity…
on the streets of Chandigarh i could hear people speak punjabi (i don’t speak the language well)…but it got my blood tingle…i saw the girls and guys .. sardars, and sardarni’s – the look of punjabi totally stands out…i could feel my pulse raise when i was in the city…the patiala salwars, the kada’s just the dilect….and then i knew…”that” was my root…

i have never given region any more importance than the nation – nor am i doing it now…but now i understand the magical power of roots….i have faint memories of visiting punjab as a kid to my grandma to Ludhiana…just a few days and nothing more…still my stepping into the city got my pulse ticking…that is when i understood what “roots” mean….i am an Indian….but also a – “punjabi by nature”

2 thoughts on “Punjabi By Nature

  1. Well not sure if I will ever get a feeling of being amongst my kind any place in the world.But I get what you mean and I think it is very important to understand where you come from and retain that which is unique to you (language, heritage etc) as long as it is not illogical or a waste hehe.I do understand the whole ‘being at home’ though. Use to go to Pune often when I was a kid and the place would feel so alien. It was actually less of a holiday and more of torture

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