“road not taken” by Robert Frost, personally a very inspiring poem, that talks about how the road less traveled by… made all the difference…tell me in reality how many of us will or will be allowed to take the road that is “not taken”.
Aren’t we from childhood taught to stick to the conservative rather less risky path in life? how many of us do take a chance with our studies or career even if it means to follow our dreams?

do we not stop ourselves from doing something that our heart may long for but the world around may criticize.

…and how many times has the fear of society stopped u from taking that path u knew would actually make the difference…

… it may have worked for Mr Frost when he said ” I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference ” but i am not sure if we all can take the road that we know will make the difference…may be that road even if we want, cannot be taken…

One thought on “Road not taken…can we actually take it?

  1. Great question .. For a while I wanted to argue against it .. but as I kept thinking and turning things over in my mind, it all made perfect sense. Society and social norms play a very important role in our lives and indirectly moulds us into a form that we would not have chosen for ourselves had there been a choice.What is ironic is that we become so accustomed to our mould/identity that we rarely question it or give it a second thought.

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