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the recent episode of BPO girl being gang raped by 8 to 10 drivers in pune leaves our hearts beating and eyes opened. there cannot be a worst case of animal display, than group of sexually frustrated men ripping apart a girl in rape.

trying to understand why these men do what they do – no i am not giving my empathy…just trying to solve the problem by pinpointing the cause…

these men are sexually frustrated from childhood for many reasons…1. lack of openness in our society to address sexual questions or discussions…hence these men are brought up in an environment where parents and society has build enough curiosity in their minds.
2. next – lack of sexual exposure, where one is forced to control his natural needs and wait for one day to get married and when he does – he treats his wife worse than how people treat sex workers…
3. post marriage – the rural or typical Indian girl is not allowed to be natural in bed (women are not suppose to have sexual desires you see), so they just ‘be there’ for their husbands …hence adding to his frustration
4. with unsatisfied desires, he starts looking at girls he thinks of, while f#@#$ his wife …(he does exaclty that as knows not how to make love)…and ultimately plans to get her… if not her…some other…after all what difference does it make?

I guess we as a society need to bring this change together, for the frustrated animal (the man in question here) will not and cannot bring any change…

Think about it, why are the rape cases not too common in the so called modern group. The answer is, they are more exposed and open to the topic of sex, and also while growing up, somehow explore such opportunities – ofcourse with mutual consent…call it premarital or teenage sex, i dont care, but somewhere am glad that it satisfies their needs, hence creating lesser vultures in open.

Why can’t parents be open about discussing sex with teenage children, rather than doing a hush hush job behind closed doors…kids today are not fools – treat them like adults !!!

I ask, what if we make sex legal ? I mean make it easy to buy, make it easily available and legal – commoditize it. It will give a vent to the frustration of these men, let them buy it easy and cheap and they may not find need to rape another innocent on the road.

I think it is time to treat this issue openly rather than conceal it…for more you conceal , more will it aggravate…


5 thoughts on “sex market to be legal?

  1. Pretty Liberal attitude… 🙂 .. but I guess you dont really need to go about it that open… Dunno when and how, but we got this sudden sex is taboo attitude and thats when things went crazy… thats all we need to start off with…

  2. Finally I write the comment I was intending too since the first time I read the post (I think I have forgotten some stuff though)Firstly I don’t think rapes get categorized into common occurrences in any class or social group. Secondly I don’t think all rapes are a means of just having sex. While I am not saying television shows are anything to go by but any TV show I watch that talks about rape, they say it is more about power than the sex. Of course when it is a gang rape I really don’t know what the hell is going on.I do agree though that there needs to be more talk and education on the topic. I don’t think doing so would reduce the number of rapes that happen (lots of rapes still happen in the US for instance) but it may help people live a better life.I do think that most prostitutes (or at least poorer ones) are victims too. And I don’t think buying sex will reduce the torture that some woman will go through. I really think authorities have to be more vigilant and competent. I think our laws need to be stricter too. I believe statistic prove that most rapists will rape multiple times. I personally think that there needs to be more understanding of why a man would rape someone and tackle the real problem. From all the police dramas I watch on TV, it seems that most ‘psychos’ (sorry to use the word loosely) come from backgrounds where they had a bad childhood. When I was younger I would say that some woman who a rapist is close to should get raped so he would know what a woman who is raped goes through. Obviously it is a retarded way of thinking because again some woman is becoming a victim. I do think we need to have stricter punishments if nothing else.

  3. Even though we call ourselves “human”, we are all born with certain base animal instincts. Society on its part tries to keep these instincts under control. It uses set norms and rules to mould us into “humane” creatures. It provides laws and punishments to deter people from stepping outside the boundaries. Unfortunately, in many instances, the animal within us emerges .. and the outcome is “inhuman”.

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