pic courtesy freeimages.com
pic courtesy freeimages.com

when i was growing up in delhi …about a month or so before and till diwali i use to smell sweetness in the air…as if telling me that winter was coming…

very surprisingly this eveningwhen i walked out of my office in mumbai  … i was hit by the similar smell, not as strong as in Delhi thought, but yes, diwali is about 10 – 15 days away. It does not look like a city centric thing…

surprising !!!

wonder if any of u ever smell it?

One thought on “i smell winters…

  1. Haha I do feel the ‘chill’ if I may dare call it that. Even today morning it was nice and windy.But when it comes to the ‘smell of Diwali’ I think in Bbay it will mostly be the fireworks (read pollution). Of course I don’t mind. Look forward to all the firework every year. Would never burn any crackers myself but watching is great fun. It’s my favourite time of year – totally ‘festive’.Planning to be in bbay this Diwali?

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