if you are a good loser, you are a loser.

i am such a bad loser, be it a game or a bet …it stays with me and i actually work hard to come out of it…

they say, have sportsman spirit, yeah i have that, and that’s the reason i play and want to win !!! else why compete if you are ok losing? most of you who read this will frown or even call me names … Read more

Every girl wants a Will Truman in her life…

pic courtesy freeimages.com
pic courtesy freeimages.com

Will Truman and Grace Adler (popularly known as Will and Grace) is a dream relationship for every girl. For them it cannot get better than this.

Why? Just think about it, your best friend, a succsessful and good looking guy , a live in relation (minus the sex), and all the care and love you can ask for.You do not have to worry about refilling milk in the fridge, or making breakfast in the morning, house will be clean, all the bills taken care of, if you have a bad day – you come back and cry on his shoulder, he feels happy for ur Read more