It is not unusual to have a life filled with extraordinary events, it’s unusual to have a normal one. And when that happens – it’s a miracle!


Scarred forehead and marks on face
Is honour of battle, received in grace

Judge me not by the wounds that show
Heal they would but mighty slow

I’ve more to self than what you see
A heart of gold, larger than thee

Uncover my skin, beyond the blood
Warrior’s soul is inside this hood

Judge me not by mere look of mine
Coz in battle of life, I shall shine

I’m bored of living

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pic courtesy

Yeah I know sounds strange. But we had many holidays in Bangalore lately, as the kannada super hero rajkumar died, not only there is an off but also people were forced to be indoors, then a good friday and a weekend. I hate to be home doing nothing. Four days in a row, doing nothing and locked at home, surfing, Read more

My Life Shines on me again.

A thin line of light came out of the dark sky, black clouds were parting to give way to the stream of rays, it tore apart the darkness and once again lit the entire surface, flowers were blooming, birds chirping, and every small particle on ground was glittering, earth shone with a smile, welcoming the brightness once again.

That’s how I feel today, darkness is gone – My life shines bright on me once again…..

I thank you Lord for showing me this day.

Fight between Today and Tomorrow.

Do not know where to begin, there is so much to say, so much to talk and share, so much to confess, so much to ask…………………

I do not know when and how I got into this maze, how I landed here and how to get out, do not even know if I want to get out. All I know is that what I feel today gives me so much of pain, it hurts till the core of my soul, it feels that the volcano inside will burst any moment breaking me into pieces, the lava giving the discomfort has to come out, if I want to survive I have to let it out, or I will melt into the heat of it, will be sucked inside and will never be able to come out, never be able to look into this world with the normal eyes again, if I do not break out now I will Read more

you always fight alone

Two people can be alike in more than one ways, like two twins who appear alike, two students who study alike, artist who appreciate alike, critics who criticize alike, but can two people feel alike?

“ Two bodies and one soul” the concept is applicable to all who have all these aspects and much more to their relationship, those two who understand, like, hate, laugh, cry, and many more like one another, no matter at what height of level of understanding they share, still they lack behind some where, on taking a proper look you understand this something actually is everything. Something without which the body of friendship is naked , and in another way soulless.

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