Scarred forehead and marks on face
Is honour of battle, received in grace

Judge me not by the wounds that show
Heal they would but mighty slow

I’ve more to self than what you see
A heart of gold, larger than thee

Uncover my skin, beyond the blood
Warrior’s soul is inside this hood

Judge me not by mere look of mine
Coz in battle of life, I shall shine

Woman Of Substance

pic courtesy
pic courtesy

What does this actually mean? for me it means a woman who has belief, ambition, drive to do something and does it against all the forces that might try stop her.

She does not need to be a major business tycoon or wife of a biggie or one with some political or other power. For me a woman of substance is the one who has conviction, drive, the killer instinct to do it and goes behind it, all out. Read more