My eyes were following him all evening, waiting for the right moment to speak.Should I or should I not, was the question I had been debating. My heart said “speak” and mind “don’t”, after all I know nothing about him, apart from the fact that he makes my heart beat every time I see him.Yes, he is the one, as I have never felt this way before, so I decided and moved forward.I was close enough to speak, when she came and smilingly whispered something in his ears, he looked into her eyes, brushed her beautiful cheek with his lips, put his arm around her thin waist, and walked away. Standing there watching this, my eyes could not stop the drops that fell, and my heart has not stopped crying since, I wonder “why does God make us desire what we cannot get?”

One thought on “what heart desires

  1. I thought,this thought happens just with me.. But looks like it is so common…In fact it is the truth.. The question still remains “why does God make us desire what we cannot get?”….

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