Two people can be alike in more than one ways, like two twins who appear alike, two students who study alike, artist who appreciate alike, critics who criticize alike, but can two people feel alike?

“ Two bodies and one soul” the concept is applicable to all who have all these aspects and much more to their relationship, those two who understand, like, hate, laugh, cry, and many more like one another, no matter at what height of level of understanding they share, still they lack behind some where, on taking a proper look you understand this something actually is everything. Something without which the body of friendship is naked , and in another way soulless.

The way I cannot eat for you, my lungs are mine and refuses to breath for you, my eyes show the world just to me, same way my heart is mine and you cannot feel for me.

The fact that you understand is not denied, I cant, I wont, the intensity of the pain, the depth of the wound, no one can read the misery written on my face,……as clear as you do….you do see and understand, but “feel”? that is something you cannot do as I do…you cannot do that for me….

…..this is something I myself have to do and no one else can help me in it, my suffering is mine , I’m yet to decide if this is fortunate or a tragedy, that one has to endure it all alone, my sorrows are just mine and no one can share them with me, why not be selfish just once…even if it is for the sorrows.

You do see the deep dump I am in, but cannot reach there, you do hear the screams from far below, but cant reply to them, the hand that you extend for help reaches only up to a point the rest if for me to cover, not knowing the length of each mile and the number of miles ahead.

Now it is up to me, either live in this darkness and learn to love it too, or come out of it to join hands with the world, where once again I might be pushed back the same away….

What ever I chose to do, I must understand, it is to be done alone, as no hand is long enough to cover the depth… of the length.



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