Entire India has woken up to attacks today, saying enough is enough !!!

Why? Simple – Coz this time the attacks happened at the elitest of the lot. Till now the garbage picker, or chai wala or some other segment of the poor were getting killed, but today we have candle march as the rich is affected. My friend Deepak made an interesting comment saying “today the world is shaken, as the page 3 guys are affected, it is not new, people have died before, but now it is noticed as it happened to people who have a voice”

Mumbai was enlightened with new words– “NSG , Army , Commando“ now when it happened on it’s doorstep – well these guys had been in existence for long…they have had major operations even earlier, but Mumbai woke up to this fact today.

Forget the NSG which is a special team involved in special operations, how is it that Army is hero only today when they saw them in uniforms on Mumbai roads fighting for them? Why was their existence not acknowledged when they had been guarding our borders every day for years– war or no war. There are attacks every day, men die to save us every day, have we ever applauded them? Today we do as it happened inside Taj and Oberoi and not in the valley?

Our men had been dying in valley for years – there names do not even appear in newspapers, their death is reported in numbers…7 Army Men killed, or 2 officers killed…that is all…why we never got on to our feet then to salute, only because they died in valley and not in your own hometown?

You need them now when you want them to guard you as you pay taxes? You could not have insulted them more – they are not commodity to be purchased by your taxes, they are men with families like us. You need security so ask for it, ask, because as citizen you deserve it, not because you pay taxes…their lives cannot be measured by the taxes you pay. As my friend Saunak says “this duty certainly doesn’t absolve by paying few thousands as taxes…. There’s no price for sacrifice”

You want the security ? fine so fight their battle for them – have a march against those who are counting the number of eggs in their ration, saying 24 a month is too much, have a march to better their salaries, something which is pending clearance for long, help them fight those who question their CSD facility, have a march to give them better homes, fight for their better life…

You wake up now to the existence of our Defence forces, while there are 100’s of widows, who have been remembering their husband’s for more than a decade, all alone in their homes.

You wake up now as they showed that they can die for you in your own city, while you were totally blind to the fact,that for years they already had been dying for you, but in the unknown darkness of the valley.

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